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Aluminium Powder

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Aluminium Powder

We are well-reputed as one of the forefront Aluminium Oxide Powder Exporters and Suppliers in India. We offer Flake Aluminium Powders, Atomised Aluminium Powders and Special Grades Aluminium Powders for various applications like Paints, Inks, Aluminium Foundry Fluxes, Plastic Masterbatches, Coatings, Paper Coatings, Metal Decoration, Metallic Finishes, Pyrotechnics, Construction (Light Weight Concrete), Textile applications, Explosives, Pesticides, Chemical reactions, etc. The average particle sizes of the Aluminum Metal Powder can vary widely, depending on the specifications required as per the application. Additionally, customers are eased with the availability of the Aluminium Powder in varied grades as per the specifications provided.



Trade Mark Mean Dia, In Microns Leafing value % Water covering area cm!/gm Grease Content % Max
NF 2503 21 60 4000 3
NF 2508 15 60 7000 3
NF 2512 8 60 13000 4
NF 2520 7 60 18000 4


Trade Mark Grade Residue on 44u Screen % (Max) Water covering area cm/gm Grease Content Vo max Metallic Aluminium % (Min) Application
AMFP 0550 Phosphide 60 4000 1.0 94 Pesticides
AMFP 0550 Concrete 70 4000 0.5 92 Light Weight Concrete
AMPFF L770 Flake 15 0.65 2.5 87 Slurry Explosive
AMPFLI550 Light Grade 40 0.30 1.5 89 Ordnance Application

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